Sedežne garniture mod. 2761

Sedežna garnitura Brio, kjer je že rahel dotik s prstom na skrito stikalo dovolj, da tiho premaknete naslon za glavo, hrbtišče in sedalo v želeni položaj in se udobno namestite. Med razpoložljivimi elementi lahko izberete samostojno zofo ali pa sestavite kotno sedežno garnituro. Model Brio vključuje zelo veliko funkcijskih elementov kot so inovativni relax počivalniki, z ročnim ali električnim pomikom. Sedežna garnitura je dobavljiva v usnju ali tkanini, različnih barv in obdelav.


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Natuzzi sofa collection - BRIO Natuzzi Italia sofa with audio system

Brio (Natuzzi Italia sofa collection) is the best seller in the motion category. Its proportions are excellent and its precious aesthetic details emphasize the handcrafted heart of the product. The “pinched” stitching and the quilting on the outer side of the arms are two of those examples.

Just sit on a Brio and brush the sensor hidden on the side of the sofa and in just a few seconds the silent electronic system simultaneously reclines the backrest and extends the seating.

It has a design that “breaks” the typical style of relaxing sofas available on the market place: it perfectly integrates the technological heart of the product without sacrificing the aesthetic, which remains unchanged even when the mechanism is completely open.

Thanks to the “zero wall” system, the seating and backrest move forward as the sofa opens so there is no need to keep it away from the wall.

Brio is available with and without audio kit. The version with audio kit offers a multi-sensory experience of absolute relaxation thanks to the remote controlled audio kit. The audio system works by Bluetooth technology with any type of tablet, smartphone and mp3 player.

Natuzzi Brio sofa

Natuzzi Brio